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Secondary Schools

From Year 7 through to Year 11, 12 and 13, we quickly create an environment to give students confidence, allowing for the perfect portraiture and group photography.


We are able to offer senior schools the full range of products required for this age group. Our portraits have different options for backgrounds and a varying range of photography styles and poses.

We cover class groups, friendship groups, team groups and of course year groups. Using our high-specification purpose-built staging we are able to stage large groups of up to 850 people professionally and in perfect safety.

Our faces-to-names Id Link system is also available if required for the schools SIMS system. This makes it easy for you to relate a photograph to an individual student and cuts down administrative effort.

We are very aware of the importance of curriculum time and the level of flexibility that schools require. That is why we are always ready to listen and fit in to our customers needs.

Quality and complete customer satisfaction are our company’s main aim and perfection is always our target.

TOWER HOUSE GROUP 15X8_edited_edited.jpg


A large group photo paired with their portrait. This stunning Dual Presentation is great for marking the end of a Year 11's time at school.

Accompanied by a great selection of print packages and gifts all available on our online ordering shop.



The photographers were so accommodating

and brilliant with the pupils, always the best

photographs and service.


- Lode Heath School
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